Acurea Standard Pack 200 Needles (Individually blistered with guide tube)

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Needles packed 1 needle 1 guide tube. Box contains 200 needles. Spring handled needles made of the highest grade surgical steel available. High tech needle surface with extremely low co-efficient of friction for maximum patient benefit. Needles are beautifully smooth, coating and residue free. Note also: All our needles are sterilised using Gamma Ray technology.

  • Sterile, disposable for single use.

  • Surgical grade stainless steel.

  • Korean spring handle, easy glide insertion.

  • On needle with one guide tube per blister.

  • 200 needles per box.

  • Gamma Ray sterilised (cleanest and most environmentally friendly form of sterilisation).

  • 5 Years shelf life.

  • Made in South Korea.

  • BEST USE: low needle usage per patient practitioners (eg: 5 elements style).

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