Tewa CB Series (Copper Handle with Loop)

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The new Tewa Multipack offers you high-quality Tewa needles in the familiar 5-needles-per-tube cluster packaging. Now you can enjoy quick and easy access to your Tewa needles and produce less waste. With 1,000 needles per box, the Multipack is a great solution for busy clinics.

Tewa Multipack needles feature:

• 5-needles-per-tube

• Copper wire-wound loop handles

• Super-sharp machine-sharpened tips available with coated needle shafts

• 1,000 needles per box

High quality acupuncture needle with copper grip handle, one guide tube to every five needles.

Corrosion-free surgical steel with flexible copper handle,with proven tip geometry guaranteeing ease of insertion and a high-quality surface coating. FDA, MDR approved.

The needle tip is very sharp and offers your patients less pain during their acupuncture section, giving you piece of mind without the high cost.

Each box contains 1000 needles, with five needles to one guide tube.

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