Tewa CJ Series (Copper Handle with loop)

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High quality copper handle acupuncture needles, stainless steel tip with individual guide tubes.


• A micro-layer of bio-inert FDA-approved silicone which reduces friction on insertion, enabling practitioners to reach target depth AND minimize patient discomfort.

• Are bi-metallic, composed of a stainless steel shaft and a traditional copper-wound loop handle. The copper handle provides excellent conductivity for electro-stim. Needle tips are ground by automated machines, thereby ensuring perfect needle tip consistency.

High quality acupuncture needle with copper grip handle, guide tube and red stopper.

Corrosion-free surgical steel with flexible copper handle,with proven tip geometry guaranteeing ease of insertion and a high-quality surface coating. FDA, MDR approved.

The needle tip is very sharp and offers your patients less pain during their acupuncture section, giving you piece of mind without the high cost.

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