Tewa Intradermal Needles

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Intradermal needles are effective for a variety of clinical applications. However, due to their size they are difficult to handle and are easily lost. New Tewa Intradermals offer the practitioner convenient handling options and are easy to spot. Individually packaged, these intradermal needles set a new standard.

New Tewa Intradermals:

• Feature a small foam 'tab' with every needle, making it easy to find if you drop a needle on the floor (tabs are colour coded according to needle gauge)

• Are easy to take out of the packaging without the use of tweezers

• Packaged 10 needles per flat (needles are blister-packed 2 per sheet)

• Made in China

High quality intradermal needles with a ring handle (hinai-shin) that are used in cosmetic acupuncture and facial rejuvenation.

All the needle points are protected with a piece of surgical sponge.
Each box contains 100 intradermals needles, individually blister packed and pre-sterilised.

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