ES-130 Palm size, 3 Channel Electroacupuncture Machine

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It has the following features:

  • High performance and versatility are packed into a handy palm-sized unit.

  • Subminiature construction provides the smallest electro-acupuncture unit in the market.

  • Three output channels.

  • Low/High intensity settings - ¡§Low" for needles and "High" for magnetic electrodes. Broad pulse rate-500 pps maximum.

  • Safe, reliable and easy to use. The intensity of each channel is independently controlled. Pulse shape minimizes electric corrosion. The dial control enhances safety and ease of use. A built-in battery checker is included.

  • MDD CE-marked CE0123

    Standard Accessories: Soft carrying case 1 case, Lead wires - 3 pairs


    Pulse rate: 0-500 pps. Variable Intensity: Low setting: max 20 mA. High setting: 30 mA (1000 ohms test load) Pulse width: 100 microseconds Pulse shape: bi - phasic Output: 3 channels Others: Battery checker, Pulse rate indication Power Source: one 9V battery Size: 61 x96x27mm Weight: 200 gm

    MDD CE Marked


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