Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope E600

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The E600 HAN Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope is an advanced multi-purpose 6-channel acupuncture stimulator with point detection capabilities. This device features 9 digital displays, which allow the user to easily view the settings for intensity, frequency, pulse width, and time of stimulation during operation, and make adjustments as needed. The E600 HAN supports 6 different waveforms, including the HAN waveform. The HAN Stim combines low and high frequency stimulation (change between 3s with 2Hz and 3s with 100Hz). This enables a maximum release of body-own Enkephalin, Dynorphin, Endorphin and Endomorphin, which makes an optimal pain therapy possible.

Also included is a unique search-to-treat probe. This allows the practitioner to find an acupuncture point using the probe's point detection capabilities, and immediately stimulate the point by using its stimulation capabilities. You can be assured of your patient's wellbeing with the E600 HAN's built-in safety function. This immediately stops the power output when a function is changed during treatment. The device also gives you the option of using the included AC Adapter, which saves on batteries.

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