Electro Acupuncture Machine AWQ104L Digital

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Model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 4 outputs is a newly design unit, and features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation, and numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features both in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It's is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available in the market.

Features include:

Digital display in Hz to show the frequency

• Digital display in numerical to show the sensitivity during point detection

• Four (4) output channels

• New lC circuitry, no cross over

• Polarity reversal switch for each channel

• Sensitive point location with numerical display, light and sound indication

• Loc/Needle/Stim switch for selection of point location (Loc), needle treatment (Needle) and direct stimulation by probe (Stim)

• Hi/Lo voltage switch: Lo (low) for needles, Hi (high) for T.E.N S.

• Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms

Accessories Pointer probe and hand grip probe. 4 connecting wires alligator type. 1 pc.9V battery 1 artificial leather carrying case 1 instruction manual

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