Pointoselect digital DT

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An exact acupuncture point detector - also called acupuncture point searcher - is indispensable for localizing pathologically changed acupuncture points on the ear and body. This ideal point searcher provides sophisticated electronics on one hand and perfectly working mechanics on the other hand.

The new digital Pointoselect Digital DT combines digital technology with schwa-medico´s proven sensors and allows electrical “PuTens” stimulation. Frequency, pulse width and intensity can be set up by the acupuncturist at his/her convenience. Pointoselect Digital DT further includes frequencies after Dr. Bahr and Dr. Nogier.

Pointoselect digital DT offers the possibility to switch between body acupuncture points and ear acupuncture points. For the ear acupuncture points you can further choose searching for gold or silver acupuncture points.

The Pointoselect Digital DT has 3 modes:

  • Automatic measurement

  • Manual measurement

  • Edit mode for the stimulation.

Pulse width (Stimulator):  60-120us

Wave type: Positive rectangle with negative part

Frequency (Stimulator): 2-128 Hz

Output: ∼ 17/30mA (without/with acoustic signal)

Output (Stimulator): ∼ 22 mA (no load resistance)

Power Supply: 9V - Compound battery

Output power (Stimulator): 200V (with 20 kOhm real)

Dimensions: 59x114x29mm

Weight: 230g

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