Programmable Electro Acupuncture Machine ES-160

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Power supply DC 6V , four(4) alkaline LR 14 batteries

Number of channels 6, independently controllable

Pulse shape Symmetric bi-phase rectangular pulse

Current amplitude Stimulation by pen type electrode: 0-48 mA(peak)

Electroacupuncture high:0-32 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)

Low:0-16 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)

Phase duration 50-400 ms, adjustable

Timer 1-60 minutes

Output modes and frequency:

(1) Constant: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-500 Hz

(2) Burst: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-7 bursts(carrier freq. 100Hz)

(3) Surge: on time 4 sec., off time 6 sec, (carrier freq.5-500 Hz)

(4) Fast+Slow: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)

(5) Sweep: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)

(6) Random prog.1: 1-6 Hz, preset program

(7) Random prog.2: 30-100 Hz, preset program

(8) Random prog.3: 2-100 Hz, preset program

LCD indications:

frequency, phase duration, timer, remaining battery capacity, (search) sensitivity level, and memory data

Safety function and performance:

(1) self-test (2) zero-start (3) automatic power-off if the unit is left unused for 5 minutes (4) remaining battery- life detection (5) emergency stop button (6) sound on/ off function (7) tone signaling end of treatment


239(W) x 174(L) x 41(H) mm


Approx 600g, excluding batteries

MDD CE Marked


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