Management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine - eBook format

This text provides a unique insight into the Chinese approach to managing the treatment of cancer and indicates how integrating Chinese medicine into a cancer treatment strategy offers major benefits in dealing with commonly seen complications and in combating the side-effects of treatment by conventional medicine methods


One of the greatest qualities of Chinese medicine is its degree of adaptability. The flexibility offered by diagnosis based on pattern identification enables us to diagnose and treat modern diseases caused by the Western lifestyle with its stress, unbalanced diet and overwork. Although cancer has always accompanied humankind in its evolutionary process, its prevalence has increased dramatically in recent decades partly due to a longer life expectancy and partly due to emotional stress, irregular diet and exposure to cancer-inducing chemicals in food and in the environment.


The management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine is written for all practitioners of Chinese Medicine around the world imvolved in the unremitting fight aginst cancer. 

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