Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity

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The authors have crafted this book as a popular approach to understanding and using the healing metaphors of Chinese medicine. Individuals can recognize their own physical, psychological, and behavioral tendencies and discover methods for rebalancing and harmonizing using lifestyle, meditations, diet, exercise, herbs and acupoint stimulation.

Reflecting on the connection between the rise in chronic immune disorders and toxic environmental and lifestyle patterns, herbalist and acupuncturist Jason Elias and collaborator Katherine Ketcham looked to the 5,000-year-old The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine to seek clues for restoring the balance of body and mind.

In Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity, Elias and Ketcham show how to use the preventive strategies and gentle, supportive remedies of traditional Chinese medicine to heal contemporary chronic illnesses and bolster immunity. The book teaches readers how to identify which element--Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water--most directly influences them and how to correct imbalances that can lead to particular physical, emotional, and spiritual disorders with step-by-step instruction for using stress-reduction techniques, diet and exercise, herbs, and acupressure.

More Information
Author Jason Elias and Katherine Ketcham
Publication Date 2 Feb 1999
Publisher Three Rivers Press
Number of Pages 448
Book Format Paperback
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