Imperial Secrets of Health & Longevity

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The 14 secrets of longevity of the Qing Dynasty Emperor, Qian Long, cover all aspects of living a long and healthy life. This book offers Qian Long's sage advice on the role of diet, exercise, relaxation, emotions, sex, and environment in achieving long life and good health. This traditional Chinese medical theory includes self-massage, stretching, and qi gong exercise as well as how to use Chinese tonic herbs.

1. The Chinese Theory of Life & Death
2. A Healthy, Regular Lifestyle
3. Eating for Longevity
4. Moderation in Sex
5. Rest & Relaxation
6. Dao Yin Self-massage
7. Exercise & Stretching
8. Qi Gong
9. Chinese Herbal Medicine
10. Treating Illness Early
11. Conclusion

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Bob Flaws

Blue Poppy Press, 2000

125 pages


Author Bob Flaws
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Blue Poppy Press
Number of Pages 113
Book Format Softback

In the Lao Lao Heng Yan (Perennial Saying in Gerontology), it is said, "Sexual desire of men and women is like the dao of yin and yang in nature." This means that sexual desire in men and women is perfectly natural and of itself neither good nor bad. According to Chinese medical theory, either too much or too little sex can be harmful to the health. Ge Hong (281-341 AD), a famous Jin dynasty doctor and Daoist adept, summed this up nicely in his Nei Pian (Inner Writing):
"It is not all right for humans to sever their sexual desire. Yin and Yang (can then) not communicate. This will lead to diseases due to accumulation and stagnation. Those who suffer from diseases due to bitterness hidden in their mind (in turn) due to protracted suppression of their sexual desire will experience short life. (However,) indulgence in sex will (also) result in failure to enjoy longevity. Only temperance in sexual activities can keep humans healthy in body and mind."

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