Chinese Medicinal Wines & Elixirs

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This book contains the ingredients, method of preparation and administration, indications, and contraindications for over 200 authentic Chinese medicinal wines and longevity elixirs as well as sources for the ingredients used. Because the administration and preparation of these wines is easy and patient compliance is high, these formulas are perfect for use as adjunctive remedies for acupuncturists.

1 Introduction
2 The History of Medicinal Wines in China
3 Basic Instructions
4 Supplementing Vacuity Detriment
5 Wines for Strengthening the Sinews & Bones
6 Wines for Dispelling Wind
7 Heat-clearing, Dampness-disinhibiting Wines
8 Fortifying the Spleen & Harmonizing the Stomach Wines
9 Wines for Women's Diseases
10 Wines for Treating External Invasion & Damage by Wind
11 Wines for Warding Off Scourges
12 Wines for Treating External Injuries
13 Wines for Treating Herpes Zoster & Other Skin Lesions
14 Miscellaneous Wines
General Index
Formula Index

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Bob Flaws

Blue Poppy Press, 2000

240 pages


Author Bob Flaws
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Blue Poppy Press
Number of Pages 242
Book Format Softback

Wines for Treating External Invasion & Damage by Wind

The wines in this chapter all treat the common cold, flu, and coughs in their initial stage accompanying the common cold. Because wine is upwardly and outwardly dispersing and resolves the exterior and because these conditions are located in the exterior according to tcm theory, these conditions can often be treated by medicinal wines no matter whether they are categorized as wind cold or wind heat. Also, because these conditions tend to come on rapidly, one can make such a wine beforehand and store it indefinitely until it is needed. Thus, one or more of these wines are useful to keep in one's home medicine closet.

Sang Ju Jiu (Morus & Chrysanthemum Wine)
Functions: Courses wind and clears heat, diffuses the lungs and stops coughing
Mainly treats: The initial stages of a wind warm condition with evils invading the upper burner, fever, slight aversion to wind and cold, cough, stuffy nose, slight oral thirst
Ingredients: Folium Mori Albi (Sang Ye), 30g, Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii (Ju Hua), 30g, Herba Menthae (Bo He), 10g, Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae (Lian Qiao), Rhizoma Phragmitis Communis (Lu Gen), 35g, Semen Pruni Armeniacae (Xing Ren), 30g, Radix Platycodi Grandiflori (Jie Geng), 20g, Radix Glycyrrhizae (Gan Cao), 10g
Method of preparation: Grind the above 8 ingredients into a fine powder and place in a large jar. Soak in 2 jin of red rice wine and seal the lid. After 5 nights, open and store for use.

Method of administration: Take 15ml each time in the morning and evening.
Note: This is simply the tincture form of Sang Ju Yin (Morus & Chrysanthemum Drink).

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