Raising the Dead and Returning Life

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Raising the Dead and Returning Life: Emergency Medicine of the Qīng Dynasty is essentially a first aid manual based on the practices of the common people of Southern China during the mid-nineteenth century. This book discusses first aid for cases that seem hopeless, such as hangings, drowning, poisoning, freezing, lightning strikes and so forth. Besides this, it includes treatment for trauma, including beatings, caning, burns and scalds, and bites. It also gives prescriptions for tobacco, alcohol, and opium addiction or overdose. Towards the end of the book, the treatment and prevention of epidemic diseases is described, as well as gǔ toxins and unusual diseases.

Table of Contents

The Five Expirations
Freezing to Death
Crushed to Death or Falling to One’s Death
Death by Lightning Strike
Death from Oppressive Ghost Dreams during Sleep
Treating Oppressive Ghost Dreams
Death from Evil Strike
Beat to Death by a Ghost
Frightened to Death
Death due to Phlegm Reversal
Death due to Qì Reversal
Death by Wind Stroke
Death due to Corpse Reversal
Death due to Corpse Reversal with Thunderous Abdominal Sounds
Sudden Raving and Falling Down in a Stupor
Death due to Sudden Reversal
Death from Flower Wind
Resolving the Hundred Toxins
Bleeding from the Seven Orifices due to Poisoning
Resolving Poisoning from Smoking Opium
Resolving White Arsenic Poisoning
Resolving Wild Mushroom Poisoning
Resolving Huáng Téng Cǎo Poisoning
Resolving Weed Poisoning
Resolving Bittern Poisoning
Resolving Lye Poisoning
Resolving Coal or Charcoal Fire Poisoning
Resolving Soporific Medicines
Resolving Toxins from the Hundred Herbs [or Medicines]
Resolving Bā Dòu Poisoning
Resolving Fù Zǐ, Wū Tóu, or Tiān Xióng Poisoning

Resolving Yuán Huā Poisoning
Resolving Mù Biē Poisoning
Resolving Zhū Shā Poisoning
Resolving Bīng Piàn Poisoning
Resolving Mercury Poisoning
Resolving Qiān Fěn Poisoning
Resolving Qīng Fěn Poisoning
Resolving Bān Máo Poisoning
Resolving Liú Huáng Poisoning
Resolving Huā Jiāo Poisoning
Resolving Toxins from Eating Tung Oil
Resolving Venom from Eating Snake
Resolving Centipede (Wú Gōng) Poisoning
A Centipede Enters the Abdomen
Resolving Sand Worm Water Toxins
Resolving Leech Toxins
Resolving Globefish (Hé Tún) Poisoning
Resolving Every Kind of Fish Poisoning
Resolving Toxins from Eating Soft-Shelled Turtle
Resolving Toad Toxins
Resolving Yellow Eel and White Eel Toxins
Resolving Crab Poisoning
Resolving Dog and Horse Meat Poisoning
Resolving Toxins from Eating Beef
Resolving Toxins from [Eating] Goose and Duck
Resolving Toxins from [Eating] Chicken
Resolving Horse Meat Poisoning
Resolving Yù Ròu and Lòu Pú Poisoning
Resolving All Liver Toxins
Resolving Various Toxins from Eating Things that have Died on their Own
Resolving Toxins from Eating the Meat of Birds and Beasts that have been Shot by a Poison Arrow
Resolving Xìng Rén Poisoning
Resolving Poisoning from the Hundred Fruits
Resolving Mù Guā Poisoning
Resolving Tofu Poisoning
Resolving Toxins from Drinking Water of Field Gullies and Mountain Streams
Resolving Poisoning from the Previous Night’s Tea
What Should Be Known About Various Toxins
Accidentally Swallowing Various Things
Accidentally Swallowing Ironware
Accidentally Swallowing an Iron Needle
Accidentally Swallowing Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, or Lead
Accidentally Swallowing Gold Leaf
Accidentally Swallowing Copper Coins
Various Types of Bones Stuck in the Throat
Rice Husks Stuck in the Throat
A Piece of Bamboo or Wood Stuck in the Throat
Various Types of Beans Stuck in the Throat
An Iron Hook Stuck in the Throat
Head Hair Stuck in the Throat
Damage from Smoking or
Alcohol Intoxication
Damage from Addiction to Smoking a Hookah or Pipe
Damage from Tobacco Addiction
Damage from Alcohol Intoxication
Heart Pain from Alcohol Intoxication
Inhibited Urination from Alcohol Intoxication
Inhibited Defecation and Urination from Liquor Disease
Liquor Disease
Vomiting and Seeing Things Upside-Down or Crooked After Becoming Intoxicated
Drink of Four Ingredients for Cessation of Smoking Opium
Human, Animal, Snake, or Insect Bites
Human Bite Wounds
Tiger Wounds
Wolf Wounds
Mad Dog Bites
Family Dog Bites
Horse Bites
Pig Bites
Mauling by Apes or Monkeys
Cat Bites
Rat or Mouse Bites
Snake Bites
Centipede Bites
Scorpion Stings
Gecko (or House Lizard) Bites
Wasp Stings
Shè Gōng (Archer) and Stream Toxins
Caterpillar Damage
Spider (Aranea) Bites
Spider (Uroctea compactilis or Uroctea lesserti) Bites
Many-Legged Insect Bites
Earthworm (Pheretima) Toxins
Silkworm Bites
Fox Urine Thorn Toxins
Various Toxic Chóng Bites
Scalds and Burns
Scalds, Blisters, and Burns
Injury to the Eyes due to a Fiery Explosion
Formula to Immediately Stop Pain from Scalds and Burns
Traumatic Injuries
Various Formulas for Injury
Most Effective Elixir of the Immortals for Returning Life
True Jade Powder
Dāng Guī Decoction
White Sugar Drink
Death from Falls and Crushing Injuries
Open Wounds
Methods to Stop Bleeding
Incessant Vomiting of Blood after Trauma such as a Fall or Beating
Wind in an Open Wound
Dislocation of the Jaw
Cut Neck or Severed Throat
The Intestines Come Out After a Stabbing
Severed Fingers
Method for Setting Bones
Damage to the Sinews from Trauma such as a Fall or Beating
Contraction of the Sinews that has Lasted for Years after an Injury without Recovery
The Toes Cut Open without [the Wound] Closing Up for a Long Time, with Difficulty Walking
Black and Blue Swelling from Trauma such as a Fall or Beating
Internal Damage with Black and Blue Swelling from Trauma such as a Fall or a Beating
Damage to the Eyes from a Beating
Wrenching the Arms or Legs in a Fall
Traumatic Injuries that become
Damp Putrid Injuries and do not Dry Out
Traumatic Injuries from a Fall or Beating Resulting in Internal Accumulation of Blood with Inhibited Urination and Bowel Movement
Traumatic Injuries from a Fall or a Beating with Distention and Pain in the Chest and Diaphragm, and Inability to Eat
Old Injuries that are Painful over the Course of Time or Painful in Cloudy Weather
Formula to Stop Bleeding and Mend Injuries
Injury from Flogging with a Cane
Caning Injury
Injury from Copper, Iron, Bamboo, Wood, and Miscellaneous Things
An Iron Needle Embedded in the Flesh
An Iron Bullet Embedded in the Flesh
Copper or Iron Cannon Shot and All Types of Miscellaneous Things Embedded in the Flesh
A Porcelain Shard Embedded in the Flesh
Various Types of Fish Bones Embedded in the Flesh
Bamboo or Wood Embedded in the Flesh
Mercury in the Flesh
A Needle Wound that Brews Pus
A Child Accidentally Sticks a Bamboo or Wood Splinter in the Eye
Gǔ Toxins
Live Snake Gǔ
Yīn Snake Gǔ
Madness Gǔ
Swelling Gǔ
Gān Gǔ
Harm-Striking Spirit
Golden Silkworm Gǔ
Various Formulas for Gān Strike, Snake Strike, Swelling Strike, and Madness Strike
Formula for an Elderly Person Stuck by Snake Gǔ
Universal Formulas for Treating Gǔ
Methods of Repelling Gǔ Toxins
Miasma and Pestilence
Resolving Miasmic Toxins
Averting Miasma and Pestilence
Scourge Epidemics
Scourge Epidemic Diseases
Various Formulas for Scourge Epidemics
Repel Scourge Powder
Massive Head Scourge
Various Formulas to Repel Scourges
Unusual Diseases

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Author Lorraine Wilcox L.Ac.,
Publisher The Chinese Medicine Database
Number of Pages 220
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