Shang Han Lun - On Cold Damage

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The Shang Han Lun has been a primary treatment theory and practice source for nearly two millenia. Its author, Zhang Zhong Jing, has been named the "Chinese Hippocrates" to highlight the depth and breadth of his contribution to traditional Chinese drug therapy. This edition features the Chinese text, Pinyin transliteration, and an English translation of the entire Song Dynasty text, the content and textual order most used in Asia. Just as in Chinese language editions, it is fully supplemented with notes and commentaries. The notes describe the clinical symptoms Zhang Zhong Jing associated with the Chinese terms. For example, modern interpretations of a "moderate" pulse often refer to the speed of its beats. The same term, when used in the Shang Han Lun, refers to a pulse that is loose, soft, and harmonious. Such notes provide practitioners with the clinical observations necessary to properly apply the information.

The commentaries further enhance the text's clinical utility by explaining the theoretical and practical foundations behind the lines of text. Because entire bodies of theory and practice can be associated with the terms and expressions used in cannonical works like the Shang Han Lun, commentaries have become a standard means of knowledge acquisition for Asian students.

The commentaries in this edition serve exactly the same purpose, greatly enhancing its utility. The introductory matter explains the background of the text, the conceptual structure of its contents, and the problems of exegesis. The appendices are designed to assist those studying Chinese and the glossary and the full Pinyin-English index make this an easily accessed reference.

Zhang Ji's Preface.

Greater Yang Disease.
Essential Features of Greater Yang Disease.
Basic Greater Yang Disease Patterns. Transmuted Patterns of Greater Yang Disease.
Patterns Similar to Greater Yang Disease.
Chapter Appendix.
Yang Brightness Disease.
Essential Features of Yang Brightness Disease.
Heat Patterns.
Yang Brightness Disease and Transmuted Patterns.
Yang Brightness Disease Pattern Identification.
Chapter Appendix.
Lesser Yang Disease.
Essential Features of Lesser Yang Disease.
Basic Lesser Yang Disease Patterns.
Lesser Yang Disease and Transmuted Patterns.
Chapter Appendix.
Greater Yin Disease.
Essential Features of Greater Yin Disease.
Basic Greater Yin Disease Patterns.
Greater Yin Disease and Transmuted Patterns.
Lesser Yin Disease.
Essential Features of Lesser Yin Disease.
Basic Lesser Yin Disease Patterns.
Lesser Yin Disease and Transmuted Patterns.
Sore Throat Patterns.
Chapter Appendix.
Reverting Yin Disease.
Essential Features of Reverting Yin Disease.
Upper Heat and Lower Cold Patterns.
Differentiation of Overcoming or Relapse in Reversal Health Patterns.
Identification of Reversal Patterns.
Identification of Diarrhea Patterns.
Identification of Retching and Hiccup Patterns.
Chapter Appendix.
Sudden Turmoil.
Yin-Yang Exchange and Taxation Relapse.
Yin-Yang Exchange.
Taxation Relapse.

Appendix 1: Text in Song Version Order.
Appendix II: Shang Han Lun Language Study.

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Craig Mitchell, Feng Ye & Nigel wWseman

Paradigm, 2000

764 pages


Author Craig Mitchell, Feng Ye & Nigel wWseman
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Paradigm Press
Number of Pages 746
Book Format Hardback
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