Advanced Training in Chinese Medical Pediatrics: Chinese Pediatric Massage

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Approved for 20 CEUs via NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), California, Florida, and Texas


Blue Poppy’s Program in Chinese Medical Pediatrics is intended for acupuncturists and Chinese medical practitioners seeking special knowledge and proficiency in treating infants and young children. The content of course three is described below.


Course Three: 20 CEUs/PDAs 

Section A - Chinese Pediatric Massage

Learn how to treat almost any pediatric complaint with Chinese pediatric massage (xiao er tui na), a highly effective method of very specific massage protocols for treating young children.

Repertoire of the most commonly used manipulations

Repertoire of the most important and effective pediatric massage points

How to create massage “formulas”

Section B - Chinese Patent Medicines for Infants and Young Children 

Section C - Practicing Pediatrics in the West

Discussions of issues associated with practicing Chinese medical pediatrics in the United States, including interfacing with the Western health care delivery system, achieving patient compliance with your treatment plans, and tips on how to promote and market one’s specialty in Chinese medical pediatrics effectively.

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Provider: Blue Poppy

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