An Evidence-Based Approach to Herb-Drug Interactions

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Approved for 10 CEUs via NCCAOM (Safety), Florida, and Texas

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

This course explores drug-herb interactions from a new perspective. Basic pharmacology is utilized to explain how interactions occur through the ADME scheme (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination). What sets this seminar apart from others on this subject, besides its thoroughness, is the application of evidence based medical techniques (EBM) in determining the seriousness of the interactions. This course examines several representative examples. Important concepts are illuminated in the course: levels of evidence, ADME scheme, therapeutic index, basic pharmacodynamics, and basic research techniques. The herbs used as examples are culled from the Chinese medical tradition and interactions are presented from a variety books and published research. The ultimate goal of this course is to facilitate the safe use of herbs in combination with pharmaceutical drugs, which includes assessing current research on the topic as well as learning to formulate a professional opinion in order to present to patients.

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