Sotai Intuitivo: The Secrets of Japanese Manual Medicine Treatment

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Approved for 4 CEUs via NCCAOM, Florida, and Texas

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

Sotai Movement Therapy was developed by Hashimoto Keizo in the early 20th century as an adjunct therapy for acupuncturists and traditional therapists. The simple, elegant and effective system is designed for structural alignment, qi enhancement, improved range of motion, and efficient new movement patterns.

This course covers fundamentals of classic and new Sotai approaches. It is a perfect complement for any bodywork, acupuncture or physical therapy practice. It is ideal for practitioners looking to work in a more gentle manner, with a focus on palpation, structural assessment, and active listening. Though the techniques are gentle, the effects are profound and immediate. No experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine is necessary.

Hiro Komatsu was born in Tokyo in 1983, and now lives and practices in Kyoto. He studied Sotai with Maruzumi Kazuo, among others. He opened his Sotai therapy center, Akatoki-An, in 2010 and he sees patients from all over the world (over 20 countries) as well as from Japan. With a deep interest in martial arts and spiritual disciplines, he has taught collaborative seminars blending Sotai with Qigong, meditation, as welll as aspects of traditional kobudo martial arts. He calls this blended new approach Sotai Intuitivo.

In this course, a practitioner will:

- Learn how to apply Sotai Intuitivo principles for rapid pain relief

- Develop the ability to integrate techniques into practice to improve outcomes

- Understand Dr. Hashimoto’s “secret” that delivers whole body results with simple local movements

- Identify key body assessments for your patients and which Sotai moves to perform

- Understand how to expand beyond the basic Sotai principles to design your own unique Sotai moves

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