Deconstructing Point Combinations

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In this level three course we take apart point combinations and learn to recombine them so as to treat more than one channel at the same time. We go further into draining methods and discuss treatments that simultaneously tonify one channel, while adding partial draining to another. We also investigate the use of Du and Ren.

This course requires a solid understanding of the Saam fundamentals and at least a year of clinical practice. It is for those who have already taken the Introduction to Saam and Advanced Case Studies class.


  • Evaluate and explore the use of deconstructing point combinations in the Saam tradition.

  • Identify advantageous clinical situations for modifying point combinations.

  • Identify advantageous clinical situations for using Ren and Du Mai points.

  • Critically evaluate case studies presented by the instructor.

  • Understand fundamental Saam tradition principles through student presented case studies.

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