Jingjin Movement Training - Course 1

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Spinal health is fundamental to overall wellness and can play a key role in therapeutic outcome when recovering from injury or illness. Full movement of the spine exercises the nervous system, improves visceral health, and opens circulation in the channel system through the proper engagement of the channel sinews (jingjin).

This class will highlight a foundational Qigong pattern to mobilize key regions of the spine, engage the core musculature, and improve circulation in the organs. The class will highlight the relevant channel sinews (jingjin) involvement and address applications to health and wellness.

These Qigong exercises can be practiced for one’s own health but can also be used in a clinical setting when treating patients. We will look at key variations, modifications for injuries, common errors in practice, and progressions to properly advance with the exercises.


0 hrs - 15 min

Seated Spinal Wave and Pelvic Movement

15 min - 30 min

Standing Spinal Wave

30 min - 45 min

Piston Squat (dūn yāo)

45 min - 1 hrs

Modifications and Common Errors
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