Orthopedic and Muscle Testing for the Acupuncturist - Course 1

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In this course, we will discuss orthopedic and muscle tests of the lumbar spine, sacral spine, and hip complex.

Course Overview

This course will provide the acupuncturist with the clinical skills to test for orthopedic conditions appropriately and accurately. The orthopedic and manual muscle tests selected for this training are easy to implement for any acupuncturist. And they are relevant to the clinic environment, regardless of previous orthopedic background. The instructors, Derrick McBride and Whitfield Reaves, believe understanding the anatomical nature of orthopedic conditions is the first step to precisely treating pain and injuries. These courses are organized to be viewed in order, as an entire series Orthopedic and Muscle Testing for the Acupuncturist. We strongly recommend that the practitioner complete the courses of this series from beginning to end. In Course 1, Derrick McBride lectures on the proper way to perform the test and possible positive findings for each test. High definition videos of each test are used to demonstrate. Helpful tips on positioning, cueing, and other clinical tricks to ensure reliable testing conditions are emphasized. The instructor often comments on clinical relevancy and real-life applications, especially for the Acupuncturist. Course 1 covers Orthopedic and Muscle Tests of the Low Back and Hip. The following topics are covered: (1) Dural Root Involvement of the Lumbar Spine (2) Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunctions (3) Primary Stabilizers of the Lumbar Spine (4) Hip Joint Assessments (5) Soft Tissue Nerve Entrapment (6) Hip Stability Assessments (7) Hip Bursitis (8) Hip Flexors (9) Hip Extensors (10) Hip Rotators (11) Hip Abductors (12) Hip Adductors Whitfield Reaves’ series Mastering the Treatment of Injury and Pain covers in depth techniques for treatment of the conditions. Students should consider using these series together for a complete understanding of assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions. Courses 5 and 6 of Whitfield's Mastering the Treatment of Injury and Pain correspond to the topics covered in this course, the Low Back and Hip.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will understand how orthopedic and muscle testing should be utilized in an acupuncture setting. An in depth knowledge of when to perform the different tests and how that can help drive treatment strategy will be emphasized.

  • Participants will feel comfortable with appropriate positioning and cuing for all tests covered. Specific instructions on how to best instruct the patient to produce force or resist force given the test, will be explicitly outlined.

  • Participants will be able to accurately and effectively conduct orthopedic and muscle testing for the low back. The student will be taught the tests using verbal instruction, written instruction, and visual instruction.

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