Revolutionize Healing From Traumatic Stress: Integrating Chinese Medicine with Neurobiology

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  • Develop titrated treatment plans that unfold care at a manageable pace.

  • Recognize trauma physiology in survivors and develop treatment plans that don’t overwhelm them.

  • Interview trauma survivors using techniques that support accessing their core regulation and don’t require them to re-live their trauma.

  • Discuss how PolyVagal Theory can inform the important role of healers in building safer neighborhoods and communities.

  • Compare and name the 5 Steps of the Self-Protective Response with the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

  • Describe the Laws of the Tao, Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements in the context of restoring balance and regulation in survivors of trauma.

  • Discuss the impact of incomplete protective responses on whole-body balance and regulation.

  • Recognize the critical importance of our own inner regulation as our primary tool when serving trauma survivors.

  • Discuss approaches that build dynamic coherence between systems as foundational for working with trauma survivors.


This course explores acupuncture and Chinese medicine as the perfect modality for treating survivors of traumatic stress. Vibrational illness meets vibrational medicine!

Traumatic stress impacts every aspect of our mind-body-spirit. Its’ transformation requires approaches that go beyond language, trust our body’s capacity to restore balance and regulation,

and understand symptoms as signs meant to guide a process that supports restoring core regulation and whole-body, coherence.

We will integrate polyvagal theory with the Five Elements as our framework for exploring complex trauma, including:

  • The critical importance of regulation in the Kidney/Heart axis as an expression of the relationship between the Dorsal and Ventral Vagus and the Water and Fire Elements.

  • The long-term impact of a freeze response on the Earth and Fire Elements. 

  • Supporting the development of mobilization responses that both protect and defend ourselves and others and are commensurate with the level of threat in the Sympathetic Nervous System/Wood Element.

  • An opportunity to witness and practice a simple, yet a powerful intervention that can be done in person or virtually to restore regulation between the Water and the Fire – the Kidney and the Heart.

Advances in the last 10-20 years in the study of the neurobiology of traumatic stress have revolutionized mental health treatment for trauma spectrum disorders. Our patients will benefit when we integrate these modern, scientific understandings of the human response to threat into how we offer our needles, manage clinical interactions and interpret our client’s signs and symptoms.

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