A Japanese Perspective on Chinese Medicine

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Course Overview

This overview will present via didactic discussion and visual images the keys to acupuncture success. Based on my experience and the protocols taught me by my mentor, Dr. Miki Shima, an introduction to locating the correct acupuncture holes( not a point), feeling the direction of the hole's vector, and methods useful in coaxing the Qi to the needle will be presented. The Eight Extra Vessels will be presented with clinical applications suggesting a holographic image of the body and are extremely effective when using the unique extra vessel pulses instruction offered. The Channel Divergents are often underappreciated for their application to balancing and strengthening the Zang/Fu organ systems, and these too will be presented with clinical protocols for their application. Overall, this instruction and its suggestions will allow the practitioner deeper levels of access to the acupuncture energetics needed for healing, and can be immediately applied in your clinic practice.

Course Objectives

  • Practitioners will learn how to locate the active acupuncture point, which changes in illness and to then use palpatory skills to bring the qi to the finger and also feel the direction of the qi vector and then correct needle insertion.

  • The extra vessel section will allow students to understand the pulse positions and know the correct extra vessel pulse that should be treated and then to determine the correct sequence of master couple insertion.

  • The channel divergents will allow practitioners to learn the 6 confluences, their master and couple relationships and what organ problems are able to be balanced at the deepest zang fu levels of treatment.

  • There will be explanations of when each level of acupuncture therapy,i.e. meridian, extra vessel and channel divergents should be considered in the treatment plan and the order of combining multiple levels of treatment

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