Julian Scott's Gentle Needle: Master Qi and Enhance Your Clinical Outcomes


Course Overview

Learn Julian Scott's unique child-friendly needle protocols in this advanced training course. Develop new skills and a greater understanding of when to tonify and when to disperse, using moxa on children and diagnosing strong (Shi) and weak (Xu) children. With visual presentations and case studies, this inspirational course will help you enhance your clinical acupuncture practice. Because the Gentle Needle focuses on achieving an enhanced Qi response, you can apply it to sensitive clients such as the elderly, post-operative patients, people experiencing hyper-sensitivity during opiate and other drug withdrawal as well as babies and children. This is universally the best way for caring for your vulnerable clients and enhancing your delivery of Qi through intent, like a Master Acupuncturist.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of safe needle insertion; needling method ; locating the point; inserting the needle; arrival of Qi

  • Gain an insight into tonifying, dispersing & moving Qi; retaining the needle & closing the hole and how these enhance your acupuncture treatment.

  • Learn new skills in working with children; moxa and other methods lasers & Tui Na.

  • Receive strategies for dealing with difficult situations and complicated clinical presentations.

Provider: CPD Cert

Access: Lifetime

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