Koshi Balancing: An Integrated Japanese Approach to Whole Body Alignment

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Approved for 5 CEUs via NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Texas

Jeffrey Dann's Koshi Balancing Method is a structural approach to acupuncture. In the Japanese concept of the koshi, the lumbar pelvic center is the body's central zone of power and movement. Like building a home, if the foundation is out of balance, the superior structures of walls and roof will be out of balance as well. The Koshi Balancing Method addresses the underlying structural system and supports overall constitution, energetic flow, and physical movement. Jeffrey combines acupuncture alongside several other Japanese systems including Seitai ho, shiatsu, Sawada ryu moxibustion, and Sotai movement therapy to achieve balance and free flow of qi. 

Goal and Objectives include:

1) To understand the structural implications of the chain of distortion and compensations in body imbalances
2) To understand the basic principles and techniques of Sotai Movement Therapy, and be able to demonstrate at least 5 key Sotai movements up the somatic chain from the feet to the head
3) To understand the importance of the Japanese cultural Body-Mind concepts of Hara and Koshi
4) To understand the structural implications expressed through the 8 extra-ordinary meridians of the center and lateral lines of organization.
5) To understand the critical role of the Gall Bladder channel for integrating and organizing the lateral line of the body (Chong Mai, Qiao Mai, Dai Mai as well as the Sinew and the three primary channels of the Shao Yang Gall Bladder, Tai Yang Urinary Bladder , and the Yang Ming Stomach channel.

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