Opening the Diaphragm: A Master Balancing Method for the Body

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Approved for 2 CEUs NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Texas.

For over 50 years, Master Kiyoshi Nagano used his extraordinary palpation and pulse diagnostic skills to develop unique & ingenious acupuncture strategies. Often referred to as a trailblazer and seen as unorthodox in his theory & style, he mentored Tsuyoshi Shimamura in the last years of his life. In this program, Mr. Shimamura shares his knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis and treatment of the diaphragm, a poorly understood but vitally important area of the body.


Practitioners will learn: 

- The foundation of Master Nagano’s treatment methods and strategies, including the importance of prenatal qi, postnatal qi, and the concepts of flow

- The importance of the diaphragm in relation to the entire body, and how to most effectively treat the diaphragm

- How acupuncture points move and change, and how to locate them

- The ideal order of treatment, which moves from stomach qi to kidney qi to liver blood to water

- Shimamura's 'Tree of Life' model, which helps to frame Shimamura's clinical experience and explain his treatment principles

Provider: Blue Poppy

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