Spirit Gate: Opening to the Psycho-Spiritual Potential of Acupuncture Points



  • Activate the emotional and psychological potential of acupuncture points through different practices, tools, and skills.

  • Value the importance and essential integrity of spirit points to the practice of Chinese medicine. 

  • Review basic TCM trauma theory. 

  • Deepen the understanding of Heart 7 – Shen Men – Spirit Gate as a primary support for the treatment of anxiety, depersonalization, PTSD, and trauma as well as boundary violation and intimacy issues. 


Drawing on the material presented in her most recent book, Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing Seasons, Lorie introduces participants to practices and tools that can transform acupuncture points from activated sensitized areas on the physical body to gateways that open us to the soul and spirit.

She discusses the use of needles, essential oils, flower essences and intention as well as the attitude and understanding necessary to engage patients at the subtle level of their psyches.

In recognition of the immediate health and cultural challenges of our time, Lorie will focus on the issue of trauma and discuss in depth the particular healing potency of Heart 7 – Shen Men – Spirit Gate.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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