Treating Children, Level 3: Advanced Troublesome Conditions - Course 2

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Course Overview

Vomiting is common in babies and children because their digestive system is weak and it only gradually strengthens with age. The normal function of the Stomach is to send food down to the Small Intestine but vomiting occurs when there is something that prevents this happening. There is usually a blockage of some kind - either a physical one, such as accumulated food, or a less substantial one such as accumulated heat. In this module Julian goes through the syndromes for vomiting, the etiology, the pathology, and the signs and symptoms. He then talks about the treatment and advice for parents. The second subject focuses on the treatment of acute cough, (cough with sudden onset). In conventional medicine this would correspond to viral or bacterial infection. The third subject is otitis media or chronic ear infection. Ear inflammations are part of childhood. For reasonably healthy children, the problem never gets beyond a mild earache, but it can be much worse than that, with either excruciating pain, or a burst eardrum, or one following the other. In this section Julian provides details on how to treat the symptoms of otitis media and how to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.


Course Objectives

  • Have a greater understanding of children’s digestive systems and the role of the stomach and small intestine

  • Learn about the differences between accumulation of food and accumulation of heat causing blockages.

  • Learn how to effectively treat acute cough and eliminate pathogens.

  • Understand how otitis media forms, how it can be treated and future inflammation of the ear canal prevented.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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