Turning Breach Babies With Acupuncture

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Becks Armstrong, a pregnancy Acupuncture specialist and Doula presents how to treat pregnant women with a breech baby. This distance learning module will cover the three types of breech positioning; Frank breech, Complete breech and Footling or ‘incomplete’ breech. Becks outlines some of the underlying psychological issues pregnant women may be experiencing which may be preventing the baby from turning. How and when to apply acupuncture and moxabustion to turn a breech baby will be highlighted in great detail, as well as when not to treat; the contra-indications, red flags and when to refer. Current acupuncture research will also be showcased in this information session.

Goals of the course:

- Understanding the issues associated with a baby in breech position
- Understanding of some of the mother's psychological issues that can prevent a breech baby from turning
- How and when to apply acupuncture and moxabustion to turn a breech baby
- Contra-indications, red flags, when not to treat or use moxa and when to refer
- Overview of current international research about acupuncture, TCM and breech babies

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