Emotional Issues

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By Fernanda Mara dos Santos

This course will teach you to recognize the relationship between emotional imbalances and the functioning of internal organs, and how to treat them with auriculotherapy, systemic acupuncture and chinese therapeutic nutrition.


Course Overview

This course, created for the Rothenburg Congress, aims to show participants how auriculotherapy works and its different types of stimuli and how to apply them in the treatment of emotional issues that are increasingly present in our offices. In addition to auriculotherapy, a correlation system was developed between the auricular points, body acupuncture points and Chinese therapeutic food so that complete treatment is possible through the explanation of each emotion through the vision of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Course Objectives

  • Learn Auriculotherapy bases and resources

  • Learn the correlation between the emotions and Tradicional Chinese Medicine

  • Learn to treat patients with emotional problems with auriculotherapy

  • Learn to make the relationship between auriculotherapy, body acupuncture points and Chinese diet therapy

  • Learn to treat emotional problems with all resources

Provider: CPD Cert

Access: Lifetime

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