The Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment of Blood Stasis

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Blood stasis is an important pathogenic factor responsible for many serious Western diseases such as endometriosis, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases.

This course will describe the aetiology and symptomatology (with constitutional and pathological signs and symptoms) of Blood stasis. A particular feature of the diagnosis of Blood stasis will be the discussion of the chest/breast area in tongue diagnosis, illustrated by tongue pictures. The webinar will further discuss the pathology of Blood stasis and its differentiation according to organs (Liver, Uterus, Stomach, Intestines, Lungs). The different methods for invigorating Blood (e.g. invigorating Blood and eliminating stasis, etc.) are also discussed in detail. The course will also discuss the acupuncture treatment to invigorate Blood.

This course consists of a nearly 4 hour video lecture with narration, text, diagrams and photos. The treatment discussed includes herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Provider: Giovanni Maciocia Online

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