Digestive Disorders & Oncology

Digestive Disorders & Oncology


  • Treat the most common digestive side-effects of Chemo & Radiotherapy utilizing classical point combinations and classical Chinese herbal formulas:

    • Nausea & Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Constipation

    • Mouth- & tongue ulcers

  • Give helpful Food-& Lifestyle advice for chemo-patients.

  • Review the dynamic relationship of the great motions of the Spleen- & Stomach and how they are affected by regular cancer treatments. 

  • Know the main treatment principles in Oncology. 

  • Realize the main psycho-emotional aspects of cancer diagnosis and know how to treat their effects in your patients.

  • Understand the main patho-mechanism of Digestive issues in terms of the 6 confirmations.



As Chinese Medicine Practitioners we know that the Earth-element is of utmost importance for the generation of Qi, Blood and Fluids and that our entire wellbeing is dependent on it.

This is no difference in Oncology: since chemo causes a serious disruption of the Qi-mechanism of Earth, it is no surprise that many of the side-effects of regular cancer treatments are related to digestion. A well-regulated up-and-down movement of Spleen/Stomach is key for our oncology-patients to recover their vitality.

Li Dong-Yuan, the founder of the Earth School, positioned the Earth-element in the center with the other elements surrounding it. He emphasised how the harmonious ascending and descending of Spleen and Stomach is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the other Zang.

In this course, Drs. Martine Cornelissen shares her clinical experience of treating Digestive issues in Oncology. She has been researching and working in the Chinese Medicine Oncology-field for over 15 years.

In this 2.5-hours lecture, she shares her perspectives on restoring the correct movements of the Spleen and Stomach, thereby treating nausea & vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, tongue-& mouth ulcers, as well as the ‘digestion’ of the two most important psycho-emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis utilizing classical Acupuncture point combinations and classical Chinese herbal formulas.

Provider: TCM Academy

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