The Chong Mai, Diaphragms and Digestion

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  • Diagnose and treat, via the Chong Mai, pre-heaven & post-heaven originated Digestive disorders.

  • Understand the connection between the structural physical body, the Chong Mai channel and their relationship between pre-heaven and post-heaven gastrointestinal pathologies.

  • Know the 5 different trajectories of the Chong Mai vessel, their relationship to the different diaphragms and their influence on the source of our digestive tendencies that we bring into this world.



The Chong Mai is created in the uterus and carries our pre-heaven tendencies, including digestive disorders, into our world. The Jing carries these patterns of our physical and mental health. 

In this course, Yael Saslove gives an in-depth discussion of the Yuan level and the Chong Mai Vessel. She explains their relationship to the 7 Diaphragm system researched in Osteopathy and many other therapies.  This integrative exploring angle brings light to the understanding of the mysteries of the digestive patterns and disharmonies from pre and post-heaven sources.

Provider: TCM Academy

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