Applied Facial Diagnosis in the Treatment of Emotional Trauma

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  • Review the facial emotional map and learn how to create point prescriptions from the findings. 

  • Apply point prescriptions for treating the various emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms caused by emotional trauma.

  • Recognise the facial age map and understand how to apply it when treating trauma. 

  • Realize how the facial features of the face relate to the five elements and how to apply this knowledge in crafting acupuncture point prescriptions. 


Discover the hidden knowledge on your face. Each facial feature and marking relates to the emotional and physical state of the body. Facial Diagnosis provides great insight and when applied with acupuncture can bring miraculous change.

In this course, CT Holman teaches Facial Diagnosis and how to read the different aspects on the face. Participants learn how to read when Jing (essence) was compromised for a patient and when the patient might experience a trauma in the future. CT explains what emotions a person has tendencies towards by reading the face. He teaches how to understand the state of each organ system by reading the various colors and features on the face. These also provide insight into the balance of the five elements. 

CT will give several acupuncture prescriptions to treat imbalances found by Facial Diagnosis and how to treat any underlying contributing to the pathophysiology.

This engaging course is designed to be interactive and provides participants with several opportunities to ask questions. 


1st Hour: Introduction to Facial Diagnosis and Treating Emotional Trauma. Age map and how you can determine trauma cycles.

2nd Hour: Reading the facial emotional map. Create point prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations to transform the emotions.

3rd Hour: Reading the facial features and colors of the face. Provide a detailed description of the five elements of the face. 

4th Hour: Strategies for selecting acupuncture channels for treatment and point designations. Acupuncture prescriptions to address channel and organ imbalances. Case studies of utilizing facial diagnosis to treat emotional trauma.

Provider: TCM Academy

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