Facial Diagnosis & Gynecology

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  • Increase diagnostic skills through a better understanding of face reading.  

  • Discern the effectiveness of treatments from subsequent changes in the face.

  • Correlating areas of the face to the organs of the body and have insights into the signs of strength and deficiency. 

  • Recognize the signs of Jing on the face and how it impacts the procreative process.



The face provides a wealth of diagnostic information for practitioners to utilize in their clinical practice. Facial Diagnosis is one of the original aspects of Classical Chinese Medicine, and the face reveals the blueprint for the body’s function and can be used in the clinic to enhance your treatment.

In this course, Lillian Pearl Bridges focuses on how the face corresponds with the organs and how to diagnose signs of strength and deficiency, fertility, & Jing.

There is a particular emphasis on learning to recognize the signs of fertility, along with gynaecological and hormonal issues.

You can employ this information immediately to increase diagnostic skills & will support the ability to discern the effectiveness of treatments.

Provider: TCM Academy

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