Signs of Sexuality in Chinese Facial Diagnosis

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In ancient Chinese medicine, the pictograph for sex is ‘Boiling Water.’ This implies that sexuality involves the element of Water, which symbolizes the desire for procreation, the element of Wood, for sexual drive and performance, the element of Fire for sexual excitement, and for orgasm. The Earth element contributes affection and sexual bonding, and the Metal element contributes fantasy and self-knowledge about sexual desires.

In this 6-hour recorded workshop, participants will learn how to read the signs of sexuality that are apparent in Chinese Facial Diagnosis within the Five-Element framework.Diagnostically, the problems with sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, and signs of hormonal fluctuations will be discussed, in relation to facial features. Treatment plans will be advised physiologically and psycho-emotionally and from the perspective of ancient Daoist alchemy, presented in a practical and updated way. The webinar will include fertility, conception, pregnancy issues, and reproductive organ health signs as they show on the face.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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