Gynaecology & Female Health: Clinical Insights - Course 2

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By Robin Marchment

Comprehensive, essential information on male and female fertility based on Robin’s extensive clinical experience in Chinese medicine with reference to medical bioscience. Robin shares 24 cases illustrating a range of presentations and conditions.


Course Overview

This course goes beyond the fundamentals of an undergraduate course and provides a level of detail not found in most Chinese medicine texts on fertility. While staying true to the ideals of Chinese medicine, Robin provides information from modern bioscience on the processes of fertilization, implantation and embryonic development that can be used to enhance and refine our treatment approaches. It covers the many aspects of male and female reproductive health that affect fertility, the many steps needed to achieve conception, and the barriers that need to be overcome to achieve established pregnancy. These include immune mechanisms, sperm-zona pellucida binding, DNA fragmentation, trophoblast function and dysfunction, and discussion of the mechanisms of endometriosis, epilepsy, PCOS and its connection to epilepsy, and how these conditions interfere with conception and implantation. Issues of male reproductive health and the global decline in male fertility are discussed. Robin shares clinical treatment approaches and formulas of 24 case studies covering a wide range of patterns, ages and conditions, each with its individual formula modifications, and offers practical advice that you can implement in your own clinical practice.


Course Objectives

  • Understand historical Chinese medicine knowledge of fertility. Know the requirements for conception from a Chinese medicine and a biomedical perspective. Understand the stages of embryonic development in the first trimester

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of differential diagnosis and treatment strategies needed to support both male and female reproductive health. Understand the factors affecting conception and sustained pregnancy and the phenomena of superfertility

  • Hurdles encountered from conception to birth: conception, miscarriage, immune mechanisms, DNA fragmentation, epilepsy, PCOS, endometriosis, endometrial thickness etc. Understand the effects of the morning after pill as against mifepristone

  • Understand IVF drugs and their functions and various IVF protocols; Effects of age on fertility; Egg freezing; IVF costs and success rates; Acupuncture research protocols; Protocols vs holistic treatment

  • Understand the effects of vaccination on pregnancy and reproductive health

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