Japanese Meridian Acupuncture Therapy for Male and Female Fertility

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By Cameron Bishop

An enjoyable course with unique and effective Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion that can be incorporated by any acupuncturist.


Course Overview

This class briefly reviews Five Phase theory as used by Japanese Meridian Acupuncture therapists. This course includes sections on diagnosis, needling, moxibustion and general treatment through Japanese meridian therapy. It includes abdominal diagnosis and how to incorporate it into the treatment for feedback and enhanced results. The concept of Oketsu (blood stagnation) including diagnosis and treatment. Special moxa points for male and female fertility including practical clinical tips.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the basic Five Phase theory as practiced by Japanese meridian therapist.

  • Learn abdominal diagnosis findings and their meaning.

  • Understand the concept of Oketsu (blood stagnation) as it relates to the Japanese Meridian therapy.

  • Learn moxa points of the abdomen and feet.

Provider: CPD Cert

Access: Unlimited

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