The 12 Keys to Optimizing Couples Fertility using Functional Medicine with TCM

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By Shelly Weber-Tompkins

This course was designed to empower acupuncturists treating infertility, by combining T.C.M with Functional Medicine. It's an up-leveling of their expertise, so they feel more confident and capable of addressing complex issues from multiple lenses.

Course Overview

Women often come in for help with their infertility as they’ve heard that acupuncture can help. They may have been trying for years to conceive and are investigating IUI’s or IVF procedures as they have lost hope in doing it naturally. Many of the women will know that they have menstrual irregularities that could be the reason behind their infertility but may not know the causative factors or that their partner could have some infertility issues of his own that are getting in the way of conception. Even couples now trying IUI or IVF may have no idea why they haven’t become pregnant naturally, as unless additional testing has been requested by the doctor, they won't know. Chinese medicine does give us so many answers as to why our patients may not be conceiving, but there could also be genetic issues, reproductive inflammation, or autoimmune conditions that are unknown causative factors because they are not being tested. In this course, we’ll be covering 12 key areas that need to be addressed with couples trying to conceive. By addressing each of these areas, and explaining their importance for patient compliance, their chances of natural conception, or support of A.R.T will greatly improve. The right testing can also let us know if other options may be in their best interest.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the TCM patterns found in both male and female infertility and which acupuncture treatments, and herbs, could be most helpful, as well as the diet and lifestyle recommendations for those patterns.

  • Besides TCM patterns found in both male and female infertility and their treatment, you will learn which Lab tests to request, for both male and female infertility to understand the extent of problem areas and how to help their treatment outcomes.

  • Learn how autoimmunity and genetic factors can impact both female and male infertility and which tests are most helpful to discover if there are issues present, and if so, what to consider in treatment and plan.

  • Understand how inflammation can affect the uterus’ receptivity for implantation and which supplements and herbal formulas help. Also, understanding how toxins in the home and food eaten can increase inflammation and what to do to remedy it.

  • Rooted issues such as Endometriosis, Fibroids, polycystic ovaries, and more) and how they impact fertility as well as the answers on how they can be tested if one or more is suspected, as well as how they can be treated with TCM. Is A.R.T. needed?

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