Calming the Emerging Mind

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Course Overview

This course uses real life case histories to illustrate how to go about supporting young people who are struggling with their moods and emotions in a wide variety of ways. Through the case histories, you will learn: (1) The nature of adolescence from a Chinese medicine perspective, (2) Causes of adolescent anxiety and depression, (3) The practicalities of working with teenagers in the clinic, (4) Diagnosing teenage anxiety and depression from a 5 Element and Organ/Pathogen perspective, (5) Acupuncture and non-needle methods for the successful treatment of adolescent anxiety and depression. You will come away with the confidence to immediately start treating teenagers suffering from anxiety and depression, and to do so effectively. You will learn how to diagnose, manage and treat teenagers, whether or not they tolerate needles.

Course Objectives

Learn to diagnose the Organ/Pathogen and 5 Element imbalances in anxious or depressed teens Learn how to approach treatment of anxious and/or depressed teens Learn how to use both acupuncture and non-needle methods to treat adolescents who are anxious or depressed Develop an understanding of the the best way to approach treatment of the shen in teenagers.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course

Provider: CPD Cert

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