On Being a Five Element Acupuncturist

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By Nora Franglen

This simple and beautiful style of acupuncture is a journey into the five elements in nature, in our patients and most importantly, within ourselves.

Course Overview

As we grow as people, we grow in our ability to make a difference in other people's lives. Five-element acupuncture, though simple in form can produce profound changes in a client’s life and how they react with the world. Through this course, Nora invites us to look deeper into the patient-practitioner relationship and how we develop that with awareness of our own and the client’s element. How we work with Western Medicine, work with very sick clients, space and plan long-term treatment. She looks at Hoary and Seasonal treatments, the element within and when we might treat off-element. Nora spends some time helping us recognize the 5 Elements in our clients, With 40 years of practice, Nora shares with us her love of this beautiful medicine and how we can create change in our patients' lives as we remain human with our clients. The course also contains segments on: How we see people through our own elements and how to build a relationship with all the elements., What is the aim of treatment and is balance achievable?, How everything we do, reveals our own element?, The importance of remaining human with our patients and that we are sensitive instruments ourselves, How we as practitioners all fear failure, The concept of thinking ‘element not point’, Red flags to treatment and CV/GV Blocks, The challenges of long-term treatment and spacing treatments, When do we treat off elements?, The importance of constantly querying our diagnosis and working with other 5-element practitioners.

Course Objectives

  • The practitioner having a deeper understanding of themselves as part of the healing process.

  • Have a greater ability to see their own weaknesses and where they can improve as practitioners.

  • Have a greater understanding of what each of the 5 element types of people need from us as practitioners in the treatment room.

  • Have a deeper understanding of, and ability to diagnose the 5 Element types of clients.

  • Have the tools for enhancing the practitioner patient relationship.

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