Sovereign and Ministerial Fire in the Classics

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  • Develop a better and clearer understanding of the differences between the sovereign and the ministerial fires, and their qualities and specific features.

  • Use the points of the two fire meridians more efficiently.

  • Develop an accurate clinical approach to the Heart.



The Fire has multiple aspects, being for instance one of the Five elements (or phases) as well as a pathological evil Qi. As one of the Five elements (or phases), it presents a double aspect: the sovereign fire and the ministerial fire. In this class, we focus on this double expression of the Fire in the heart. 

Teaching through careful reading and understanding of the classical texts of medicine, given in translation to the students, Renown sinologist and senior lecturer Elisabeth will cover the following questions:  

What is the difference of nature and function between these two ways of the Fire Qi to work at the level of the Zang organs? How is it manifested in the pathways of the two meridians (Shaoyin and Jueyin of hand) and the use of their points? What are the clinical implications? Can we speak of « Pericardium » or do we have to rethink in other terms the relationship between the Sovereign and Ministerial fires and the physiology/anatomy?

There will be time for discussion and questions at the end of the class. Handouts with translated texts will be available before the class.

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