The Five Phases of Ba Zi Chinese Astrology - More than a beginner’s intro.


Course Overview

Deepen your knowledge of the Chinese metaphysical concept of the Five Elements / Five Phases - Wǔ Xíng (五行), and understand how it applies to personalities, preferences and health in Bā Zì (八字) Chinese Astrology. Do you know the differences between the Yang Wood and Yin Wood personality types and how excessive or deficient states affect the manifestations of the constitutional self? Do you understand how one’s personality and useful elements react and adapt when there are specific elements interacting with the constitutional self? Learn each of the singular 10 constitutional selves more in-depth. Learn more about the layers and context of how the presence and interactions of the other Wu Xing affects and differentiates how one’s constitutional energetic self presents both internally and externally to the world. Understand how these elements can be used as a tool to understand yourself, your relationships, and your life, including health and lifestyle choices. PRE-REQUISITES: A) Basic and comfortable knowledge of Wǔ Xíng (五行) Five Element / Phase, and Yin / Yang theory. B) Introduction to Chinese Astrology: An introduction to the basic components of Bā Zì (八字) Chinese Astrology and Fēng Shuǐ 風水 (风水).


Course Objectives

  • Contextualize Astrology, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine within the history of Chinese Metaphysics and culture, and with respect to its relationship to each other.

  • Outline the concepts of each of the 10 singular constitutional elemental personalities.

  • Identify the interrelationships of the concepts the Wu Xing - Five Phases and its application to personal energy and interactions.

  • Apply the Wu Xing - Five Phases concepts to basic life examples.

  • Outline the structure of a Ba Zi - Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

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