The Handbook of Five Element Practice

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By Nora Franglen

This simple and beautiful style of acupuncture is a journey into the five elements in nature, in our patients and most importantly, within us.


Course Overview

Five element acupuncture is an ancient form of healing for the modern world. Its origins lie far back in the mists of time in ancient China, and yet it is totally relevant for the world of today, with all its manifold stresses. It is ideally suited to heal these stresses because it can treat both physical and emotional problems. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the practice of five element acupuncture, with in-depth analysis of the different characteristics of each of the five elements. The course is intended for acupuncture students and practitioners. One of the delights of learning about the elements is that it gives us a deeper understanding of human nature, because it is a way of learning more about how we function as human beings. Followers of this course will find that they will use what they have learned to help them in their personal lives in often surprising ways. Once they become aware of how the different characteristics of each element shape each life, they will find that they become more tolerant of these differences in those around them. They will learn to understand that it is not odd if a friend or a partner views life from a different perspective from theirs, because they may be under the control of a different element. Once you have completed this course, I hope that you will understand yourself a little better, and appreciate how a knowledge of the elements makes every meeting with another person both exciting and challenging.


Course Objectives

  • The practitioner will learn and increase their skill level in diagnosing a constitutional weakness in their clients by using their own senses of touch, sight, smell and sound.

  • The practitioner will be introduced to, and learn about acupuncture blocks that impede treatment progress and are not currently taught in modern TCM.

  • The practitioner will be introduced to, and understand the acupuncture ‘Spirits of Points’, gain skills in point selection and treatment of a personal constitutional element weakness in their daily clinical practice.

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