Advanced Training in Chinese Medical Gynecology - Bundle (5 Courses)

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Approved 110 CEUs via NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), Florida, and Texas.

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

Designed for practitioners who have completed entry-level studies in Chinese medicine, including materia medica, and are currently in clinical practice. Because Chinese gynecology is a subdivision of internal medicine, this program is oriented toward Chinese herbal medicine as its principal modality. While we'll discuss acupuncture and its role in the treatment of gynecological diseases, students in this program need to have a background in basic Chinese herbal medicine, including materia medica and an essential repertoire of 70-80 herbal formulas.

The curriculum is organized into five courses; we recommend that these courses be taken in the order presented. 


Course #1: History/Principles of Chinese Gynecology; Menstrual Disease • 30 CEU/PDAs

  • History of Chinese gynecology

  • Basic theories and concepts of Chinese gynecology 

  • Fundamental principles of diagnosis

  • Disease causes and mechanisms

  • Herbs and acupuncture in Chinese gynecology

  • Preventing gynecological diseases

  • Diseases related to menstruation (yue jing bing) and the menstrual cycle


Course #2: Gestational and Birthing Diseases & Postpartum Diseases • 20 CEU/PDAs

  • Disease causes & mechanisms, pattern discrimination, Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment of 32 gestation or birthing con­ditions and 34 postpartum recuperation conditions


Course #3: Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, and Miscellaneous Diseases • 20 CEU/PDAs

  • Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal tract infections with Chinese herbal medicine and dietary therapy

  • Causes, mechanisms, pattern discrimination and Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment of miscellaneous diseases: plum-pit qi, visceral agitation, mastitis, abdominal masses, uterine prolapse


Course #4: TCM & Western Gynecological Diseases & Protocols; Infertility • 20 CEU/PDAs 

  • Pattern discrimination & treatments of infertility

  • Relationship between modern Western gynecological diseases and Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment 

  • Common tests and procedures used in Western gynecology

  • Western medical gynecological terms


Course #5: Chinese Medical Diagnosis of Difficult, Knotty Diseases in Gynecology • 20 CEU/PDAs

•     Complex Western diseases affecting gynecology


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