Advanced Training in Chinese Medical Herbology - Bundle (6 Courses)

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Approved 126 CEUs via NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), Florida, and Texas.

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

There's a systematic approach worked out over 2,000 years for making Chinese herbal medicine easy and logical. In this series, Bob Flaws puts this approach to work for you, preparing you to prescribe Chinese herbs safely, knowledgeably, and effectively, according to the standards of care of Chinese doctors in the PRC. The curriculum pre­supposes participants have already studied basic Chinese medical the­ory, diagnosis, pattern discrimination, and basic treatment principles and procedures. It's not intended for beginning students or for pro­fessional practitioners of other healthcare disciplines who have not also completed entry-level education in acupuncture at an NCCAOM-acceptable school. 

Bob Flaws' book 630 Questions & Answers About Chinese Herbal Medicine is the required text, included with the bundle.

The curriculum is organized into six courses: It is recommended that these courses be taken in the order presented. 


Course One: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • History of Chinese herbal medicine

  • Introduction to basic terminology and concepts of Chinese herbal medicine

  • Exterior-resolving medicinals

  • Heat clearing medicinals

  • Phlegm-transforming medicinals

  • Draining and precipitating medicinals


Course Two: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • Damp-dispelling medicinals

  • Stop-bleeding medicinals

  • Qi-rectifying medicinals

  • Interior-warming medicinals

  • Dispersing and abducting medicinals

  • Worm-expelling medicinals

  • Blood-quickening medicinals


Course Three: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • Spirit-quieting medicinals

  • Liver-leveling medicinals

  • Orifice-opening medicinals

  • Qi-supplementing medicinals

  • Yang-supplementing medicinals

  • Blood-supplementing medicinals

  • Yin-supplementing medicinals

  • Restraining and astringing medicinals


Course Four: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • Processing Chinese medicinals for better clinical results

  • Building a basic repertoire of formulas: The first 40 formulas


Course Five: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • Building a basic repertoire of formulas: The second 30 formulas

  • Writing individualized prescriptions for complex, difficult-to-treat conditions

  • Purchasing, storing, and weighing out Chinese medicinals

  • Decocting and administering Chinese medicinals

  • On the spot intake, diagnosis and prescription


Course Six: 21 CEUs/PDAs

  • Chinese prepared or patent medicines

  • Modern desiccated extracts

  • Retention enemas, compresses, poultices, and liniments

  • Q & A roundtable, wrap-up

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