Grasping Qi & Qigong Series - Course 2

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By David Lloyd

This self cultivation method is used to improve the manifestation of Qi, and direct it from lower dan tian, to the the spine, and out to the Lao Gong (PC8) and Yong Quan (KD 1) points. This energy can be used for healing.


Course Overview

Ming Dynasty China (1368 - 1644), which had been weakened by corruption and internal rebellion, was overtaken by the Manchu in 1644. In 1647 the Manchu attacked the southern Buddhist Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, Fujian province. Only five masters managed to escape, and since then became known as the Five Elders. These masters were named: Zhì Shàn Chán Shī (至善禪師), Wǔ Méi Dà Shī (五梅大師), Bái Méi Dào Rén (白眉道人), Féng Dào Dé (馮道德), and Miáo Xiǎn (苗顯). After escaping, Zhì Shàn Chán Shī founded another temple at Nine Lotus Mountain (九蓮山) in Fujian province. Here the other survivors sought shelter. During their time in seclusion, the five elders refined their knowledge of health/medicine, meditation, and martial wisdom. Unfortunately, this temple was also attacked by the Manchu and destroyed. After his escape, Féng Dào Dé left to study medicine and spirituality in Sichuan's remote mountain area, next to Tibet. It is from this history that the practice of Red Dragon Qigong (Hóng Lóng Qì Gōng - 紅龍氣功) originates. The Red Dragon Qi Gong practice is the foundation of Féng Dào Dé's Internal Energy System. The name "Red Dragon" signifies the internal heat or Yang Qi (陽氣) developed through this standing meditation set. This practice stretches and opens up the energy channels within our bodies. This course also contains an explanation of the modern clinical research illustrating Qigong's benefits.


Course Objectives

  • Learn the modern and ancient history of Qigong.

  • Learn the modern science behind how the human energy system and Qigong works, along with peer-reviewed examples of health benefits.

  • Learn the internal body mechanics that make Qigong work effectively.

  • Learn the seated Red Dragon qigong meditation set for energy cultivation.

  • Learn the standing Red Dragon qigong meditation set to promote Qi movement throughout the body.

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