Mindful Meditation Course


6 classes of 40 minutes each. The classes are designed to gradually give you a full understanding of what meditation is and how to meditate effectively. It can ultimately help you understand how the mind works, learn how to slowly transform your life for greater happiness, reduced stress and better relationships.

Mindfulness meditation should be approached as a new adventure in understanding ourselves, how our mind actually works, how our feelings and emotions affects us and how much control over our thoughts do we really have. Like going to the gym or learning a new language, regular practice leads to the best results.

Our brain can master almost everything with repetition and habituation. The benefits are vast and have been validated by many studies; as little as 10 minutes of practice a day can already bring some benefits. By increasing our positive state of mind and observing our mind with curiosity, acceptance and kindness; we can free ourselves of problems like dissatisfaction, anger, anxiety and more. Like the Buddha described 2.500 years ago, mindfulness practice brings us better resilience, increased tolerance, more harmonious relationships and ultimately happiness.


Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand

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