Qigong for the Five Zang

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Course Overview

This six video course begins with a core practice to develop body, breath and mind skill. It then moves on to five practices designed to strengthen and regulate the Five Zang (Kidney, Lung, Stomach/Spleen, Liver and Heart) and to open their related channels. The movements are drawn from the Baduanjin (eight silken movements) and five animal traditions. It is designed for those with at least a basic knowledge of the functions of the five principal organs of Chinese medicine (the Five Zang) and the acupuncture channels. However, the theory and practice are clearly explained and illustrations of the channels are included, so the course is more widely accessible.


Course Objectives

  • Cultivation of the body: aligned, integrated movement, elastic strength, the ability to open and lengthen the channels and fascia, balance and stability, physical resilience.

  • Cultivation of breath: deep, lower abdominal/diaphragmatic, slow, integrated with movement, deeply nourishing.

  • Cultivation of the mind: absorbed in the body and breath, calm (lowering agitated Heart fire into the cooling embrace of Kidney wate)r, grounded but open, resilient, intuitive.

  • Cultivation of health and wellbeing.

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