The Science & Spirituality of a Heart-centred Practice

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  • Master simple and effective exercises for yourself and your patients that help shift the awareness from suffering to (self) compassion and healing. 

  • Confidently hold the space for your patients. 

  • Recognise disbalances in the autonomic nervous system activation.

  • Develop trauma-sensitive awareness and communication skills.

  • Acquire a clear understanding of the heart-brain connection and how it affects cognition, communication and behaviour in times of stress.

  • Discover how to (re)activate your innate capacity for bliss. 



As an acupuncturist, healer or therapist you strive to assist yourself and your clients in optimal health and well-being. Ancient methods that have been the core of the traditional medical philosophy now turn out to be of proven value and essential in western medicine as well.

During these 3 hours of training, we will explore both the science and the practical implementation of the ancient principle ‘Ben Shen’, being Rooted in the Spirits and how this can support you and your clients both in daily life as during (acupuncture) sessions.

You will discover

Hour 1
How to translate ancient prescriptions within your contemporary lifestyle and daily practice. How western science can prove these truths to be of great value to health and healing. What heart-brain synchronicity teaches us about the power of positive emotions?

Hour 2
How we translate the principle ‘everything is energy’ to your clients. How the consequences of this truth influence patients health and well-being, and how they can use this understanding to strengthen their vitality. What practical and science-backed up tools we can use to exercise this insight. Both at home as in your clinic.

Hour 3
Root yourself in spirit and assist your clients to do the same as they receive treatment.
How Being rooted in spirit opens up new intuitive pathways in the body.
Support your client in tapping into this knowledge and finding new insights on health and healing from within.

Throughout this training, we will be addressing the importance of Trauma sensitive awareness and communication.

By the end of this training, you will feel confident in ‘holding space’ for your clients and you will have a deeper understanding of how it allows for healing to happen by itself.

Provider: TCM Academy

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